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About Us

Candace Wingo, along with several other natural health practitioners she works with, have over 30 years experience between them.  They have teamed up to help both farms and ranches in the USA and around the world using Natural Therapies for alpacas, other animals and their human friends.  Candace is in Texas, the others are scattered across the United States, working together to provide you with the products and know-how you need to “Help You Help Them, Naturally".

They all met by phone during March 2007 when they were consulting with a mutual client who owned a “failure to thrive” alpaca.  Although not meeting in person, they consulted with each other by phone and email, exchanging ideas and opinions on this and several other cases.

Many months, phone conversations and emails later, Candace decided to apply to present a class at the AOBA National and World Alpacas Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  Although she was told it was difficult to be approved to speak at Nationals, they were accepted on their first attempt and presented “Herd Health Using Natural Therapies” in June of 2009.  Their class was very well received and before the conference was done, they were invited to speak at 4 more alpaca events.  Since then, Candace has presented many classes on "Advanced Herd Health & Holistic Care For Alpacas". 

After presenting the 2 sessions at the National Conference, they decided to take things a step further and not just confer, but do some business together.  The company, Alpacas ALL Naturale’, is a culmination of these events.

Candace has written several articles that you can find on the Alpacas ALL Naturale' website.  One of her case studies was published in the Spring 2010 Alpacas Magazine.  That article can be viewed by clicking here:  "Annie's Story - Recovery Through Herbal Remedies".   

All the Natural Health Products on this website are products that Candace has used for her clients and the rehab of animals over the years.  Several veterinarians recommend these products and her therapies.  Products have been shipped to many countries, including Australia, England, Russia, Norway, Ireland and Canada.

New products are being formulated for specific needs for alpacas.  Keep checking the website for the latest natural products.  You can contact Candace for a consultation:  info@alpacasALLnaturale.com

Alpacas ALL Naturale' products, & the articles written, are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any animal and are not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.  We have found that these products work for our herd and are good to have on hand to compliment the veterinarian's care when needed.  Always consult with your veterinarian when your animal is ill.

Alpacas ALL Naturale' Mission Statement

The goal in Holistic & Natural Animal Care is to help the animal heal itself, working to balance the mind, body, soul & spirit.  We believe this can be accomplished with different Natural Therapies that compliment the veterinarian’s care.

Candace believes that healing of the animal is a team effort that involves God, the animal, the veterinarian and the people that love them.  By being a part of this team effort, she has provided a gift from her heart.

Alpacas ALL Naturale' was formed to teach Natural Therapies and carry a line of Natural Health Products to help alpacas and the people that love them.

We are "Helping You Help Them, Naturally" with quality Natural Health Products, consulting & rehab, and classes & workshops.

Candace Wingo, LMT, CAT
(Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Animal Therapist)

Candace and her husband, Larry, have owned alpacas since 1998 and manage a herd of approximately 100 alpacas at their Mountain Dream Alpacas ranch in Navasota, Texas.   Her BA in Environmental Design and a career as a corporate Interior Designer, Project Manager and free-lance Landscape Designer has come in handy in creating well planned out pastures, barns, B&B cottage & ranch store.  But her real passion is in Holistic Animal Care!   

In 1995 Candace became a C.A.T. (Certified Animal Therapist) and in 2001 she became a L.M.T. (Licensed Massage Therapist). Working with veterinarians and their diagnosis, she can compliment their care using many different natural therapies depending on what the animal needs.  She uses Herbs, Essences, Magnet Therapy, Massage Therapy, Photonic Light Therapy, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Hands On Healing and Nutritionals to help the animals.   

Over the years, Candace has worked on lots of critters including dogs, cats, alpacas, llamas, horses, goats, ponies, swans and even iguanas.   Many alpacas have been brought to their ranch for rehab, after being referred & checked by a veterinarian, and many have been helped with phone consultations.  Candace doesn’t diagnose but works closely with the animal owner’s veterinarian to provide the specific complimentary care each animal needs.



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