4 Oz. or 
8 Oz. Bottle

Create An Environment In The Gut Hostile To Some Parasites.  Most Effective Against Coccidia.


Is Used To Help Expel Parasites, Tone The Digestive Tract And Assist With Internal & External Fungal Infections.

  • Helps create a healthy environment for beneficial organisms such as acidophilus, yet is hostile to some parasites.
  • Officially tested by Dr. David Anderson at Ohio State University.
  • Found to be most effective against Coccidia, even surpassing current drug therapies.
  • Safe during pregnancy and lactation with Camelids.
  • Recently several ranches have found it to be effective against Eimeria macusaniensis (EMac).
  • Primary Ingredients:

        Fresh Organic or Wild Black Walnut
        Green Hulls

        Dry Organic Wormwood Leaf

        Dry Wild Oregon Grape Root

        Dry Wild Quassia Wood

        Dry Organic Clove Buds

        Fresh Organic Ginger Root

        Dry Wild Cascara Bark

        Dry Organic Marshmallow Root

        Certified Organic Grain Alcohol

        Distilled Water

  • CAUTION:  NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON HORSES due to a possible allergic reaction to Black Walnut.

  • Dosage Info:
    For Large Animals, give orally, 2 ml per 100 Lbs. of animal weight daily for 14 days.

    For Dogs, 3 weeks and older, as follows:
    20 Lbs. - 12 drops
    40 Lbs. - 16 drops
    60 Lbs. - 20 drops (1 ml.)
    Mix with meat or other treat AM &PM for 9 days or more.  Can also be given orally, between lip and gum.

    For Cats, 1 moth or older, as follows:
    5 Lbs.   - 4 drops
    10 Lbs. - 6 drops
    15 Lbs. - 8 drops
    Mix with wet food, meat or other treat AM & PM for 9 days or more.  Contains alcohol which most cats do not tolerate, so it is best to not give orally to cats.

4 Oz. Bottle

8 Oz. Bottle


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