Natural Barn Kit
(Basic Starter Kit)


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Our Basic Starter Kit Contains (9) "Must Have" Natural Care Products.  Priced Individually,
 These Products Would Cost $421.60.
(With Kit Purchase, You Save $61.65)

Basic Starter Kit


  • Distress Remedy - 1 Oz. Bottle.  Combination Homeopathic & Flower Essence For Trauma, Inflammation & Emotional Distress.
  • Silver Shield Liquid - Immune System Booster (Internal & External Use).
  • Silver Shield Gel - Natural Gel For Skin (For External Use Only).
  • Soothe My Tummy - Gastric Aid.  Great For Diarrhea & Stressful Situations That May Cause Ulcers.
  • Otoscope - Solid & Durable.  Use During Herd Health Or Anytime To Check In Ears.
  • Alpaca Llama Insect Spray - 1 Quart Spray Bottle.  Kills Ticks, Lice, Mange, Munge, Mites & Promotes Healing Of The Skin.
  • Llama-Zyme - 1 Lb. Bag Probiotic & Enzyme Mixture.
  • Mama Llama Herbal Formula - Immune System Support Herbs From Regions Of Peru.  Especially For Pregnant Animals.
  • Mellinium Journey Essence - For Times Of Stress Or Anxiety, Uncertainty Or Confusion.


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